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Get an Easy to Clean Tiled Backsplash Installed in Your
Kitchen and Bathroom

Dress up your kitchen backsplash. A quick and easy way to update your kitchen space is to change out your backsplash.

Don't strain yourself trying to scrub splatter off your drywall. A tiled wall is much easier to clean and maintain. Your kitchen will look cleaner and you'll be able to spend more time preparing delicious meals.

Backsplash For Your Bathroom

Like your kitchen, the backsplash behind the sink in your bathroom needs your attention too. Over time, soap scum and the splatter of shower makes your bathroom backsplash stained and dirty.

However, it's just as quick and easy to update your bathroom by changing out the dated tile behind your bathroom backsplash as it is to update the backsplash in your kitchen. Contact Alpha Systems Old World Tile today!

Protect Your Kitchen and Bathroom Walls From Water and Stain Damage

One of the most requested remodeling project is the tile backsplash installation. Whether it's for the bathroom or the kitchen, this simple change can not only beautify your home, but also protect it from water and stain damage.

We can help you with your bathroom and kitchen tile project giving your bathroom or kitchen a touch of beauty and functionality. We have a number of tile options for you to choose from. Our expert installers are there to help you. With your design and our dedication, your new backsplash can be installed in no time!

We're Happy to Help You With Your Bathroom Design Ideas and Other Related Questions

Besides backsplash installation, we can also work on your bathroom and shower project. Let us give you an estimate and discuss with you how we can install tile in your bathroom, install a completely new shower, or other tile ideas. 

When you get an estimate, you're working directly with an installer and not a salesperson, so you'll always get the most accurate estimate possible with no hidden costs or surprises.

No matter what your price range, or where you're in your shower planning, we want to help! Call us to discuss your bathroom design ideas, pricing or if you have installation related questions.
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